“The power of video is unparalleled. It can share a story like no other medium. It can inspire hope and action. The funded projects at Impact 100 are unparalleled, as well. At this year’s Impact 100 Annual Meeting, I was moved by the presentations. But, what moved me the most were the videos shown spotlighting previous awardees. They were beautifully done, and truly captured the spirit and impact of the projects. Even more importantly… videos have longevity. Yes, it was wonderful for the room to see the work that they helped bring to fruition. But the nonprofits can continue to use these videos to inspire, gain support, and tell their story. That is pure gold.”
Heather Barberi
Grunin Foundation

this is all we do

Connecting with donors and supporters today requires vivacity and graceful gumption. Thankfully, that’s in D-Stef’s DNA. We’re a dedicated collective of experienced creatives, marketers and fundraisers who are passionate about telling your story in the most effective and engaging ways. We offer stand out video production, web design, virtual events, marketing and development support to help our nonprofit partners organizations shine.


Are you ready to host virtual events? D-Stef will put your mind at ease by helping put donors in virtual seats. We create dynamic online video events to wow donors, from live and pre-taped fundraising galas to site tours and award ceremonies, with elements designed to stand out and keep the audience engaged. And you can’t wait until the last minute, so as soon as you have an idea call to get your gala started!



“Casey and her team were absolutely incredible to work with! They were professional, diligent, and passionate storytellers that were determined to capture the emotion and mission behind our cause and community. We cannot thank them enough for giving us a beautiful glimpse into the heart of what we do.”
Lynn Regan
Founder, CFC Loud and Clear Foundation